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About Us


About us

Vetro Uno comes from the biggest glass art and from the experience of Artisan Glassware Piombarolo, which in 2011 celebrated its 50 th year of operation. In 2011 we opened a showroom in Ciampino with a large exposure of all our proposals of installation and all the available works, both for the furnishings and the building. In the new exhibition space on two floors Vetro Uno holds all the knowledge, the imagination, the skills and the passion for working glass that has always distinguished us. You ca fin d the all of this - the strong link with tradition, innovation, quality, design, creativity - in our showroom!


Our staff is highly qualified, helpful and ready to provide all the technical information about the exposed products to direct you to the best choices and satisfy all your needs. The attention to the requirements and needs of the customer, the attention to design trends and last but not least to the industry regulations, has prompted the company more and more to take care to the aspects of innovation and technology, while maintaining the characteristics of a artisan firm. Thanks to the help of technical professionals and the support of our business partners - Metalglas, Saint-Gobain Glass, Nobento - we can find the right answer for all our customers.


Glass is not only an vertical infill element but an indoors and outdoors piece of furniture. Vetro Uno performs work in float glass, extra clear float glass, lacquer glass, frosted glass, tempered glass, thermo-selective glass, thermo-acoustic glass. You can also find the most elegant design solutions, with glass coating or elegant mirrors. Vetro Uno combines elegance, transparency and lightness of glass to the solidity and security guaranteed only by the highest quality materials and processes carried out with the most innovative and cutting edge, turning every home, office or room in a perfect, bright, secure and exciting habitat.

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