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Our history in the glass industry begins in the 50's, when Francesco Piombarolo began his experience as an employee. The passion for glass art and the great skill and expertise gained led him to found Vetreria Artigianale Piombarolo in 1961 and to open the first laboratory in Rome.

By that moment, year after year, the business has grown, with new laboratories and warehouses: in the mid 60s Francesco opened a new workshop, followed in 1969 by an additional warehouse and at the end of the eighties by a shed, which are still used for the activities of the glassware.

In 2011 we decided to open Vetro Uno in Ciampino, a showroom with the exposure to all our proposals and all the work available, both for the furnishings and for the building.

Over the years we have gone from hand-crafting to the introduction of technologically advanced machinery. Through advanced information system we can constantly maintain a level of production appropriate to strict European standards, raising the quality level of our work. Our company has always stood out for organizational level, quality, high technological level of manufacturing, customer care and technical support offered.

Strengthened by years of experience in the art glass industry, we are able to meet all requirements of private, public administration, builders, carpenters, decorators.

The great tradition of glassmaking goes to technology, to offer all our customers all types of flat glass processing for construction and furnishings, including the study and design of glass systems, paintings and decorations, complete customization of projects, to meet all the demands and needs.

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